Video Library


The SEMA Data Co-op video library provides educational resources that offer instruction in our industry’s data standards. This material was developed to introduce new users to the industry standards and refine the knowledge of seasoned data experts. Whatever your level of expertise, you will find valuable content here.

SDC PIMS Series - Video 1

What is the SEMA Data Co-op, and how does it work with the SEMA aftermarket companies?

SDC PIMS Series - Video 2

What is the SDC's Product Information Management System and what types of product information does it help to manage?

SDC PIMS Series - Video 3

How to get started using the SDC PIMS

SDC PIMS Series - Video 4

How do Resellers request to get access to the manufacturers' product information stored within PIMS?

SDC PIMS Series - Video 5

After access is granted, how do Resellers work in PIMS to download the manufacturers' product information?

SDC Data Direct Connect

For Manufacturers, the SDC proprietary Direct Connect process can transmit your product information in your Resellers in minutes.

BBK - How SDC helped with robust data and a strong reseller network.

Hear the importance of maintaining a robust data set from a Platinum Supplier. Brian Murphy, the CEO of BBK Performance, talks about his company’s participation in the SEMA Data Co-op.

COMP Performance Group - The SDC Team and the tools provided made data management easy.

Hear from Chris Douglas, COO, and Kevin Martin, Product Data Manager, on how the COMP Performance Group uses the SDC to communicate with their customers, and their transition from paper to electronic cataloging.

Gibson Performance - How Data Drives eCommerce

Vice President of Gibson Performance, Shawn Gibson talks with SEMA News about his experience using SEMA Data Co-op to help manage product data for over 4,000 SKUs.

Liquid Glow - How SDC helped them find more customers

Richard Kratz, President and CEO of Liquid Glow, talks with SEMA News about using the tools in SEMA Data Co-op to help secure new business.