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The SEMA Data Co-op video library provides educational resources that offer instruction in our industry’s data standards. This material was developed to introduce new users to the industry standards and refine the knowledge of seasoned data experts. Whatever your level of expertise, you will find valuable content here.

SDC PIMS Video #1

What is the SDC?

SDC PIMS Video #2

PIMS: What is it?

SDC PIMS Video #3

PIMS: Getting Started

SDC PIMS Video #4

PIMS: Requesting Manufacturer Product Information

SDC PIMS Video #5

How to Download a Manufacturer's Product Information

SDC Direct Connect

This proprietary process gets your product information in the hands of Resellers in minutes.

Getting Started

The starting point for someone interested in learning about where to start when considering standardizing their company data.Discover resources available to help you and your team identify what data should be standardized and determine the best methods to do so.

Converting your export into Excel

If you are using our “Build-Your-Own” custom export template, the file will be in text (.txt) format, either Pipe or Tab delimited. Pipe delimited in the default, and this video segment will walk you through the steps to open the file in Excel, by converting it from .txt

Data Completeness & Data Quality

A great introduction to learning the differences in completeness and quality when it comes to data and how to have both. Learn where to focus your efforts to help your data receivers sell more parts and what SDC tools are available to help you succeed.

ACES 101

Introductory video about the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Standard, ACES. Learn what ACES is, including its databases and structure. Learn how applications are exchanged and components of an application.

ACES 201

Building on the introduction material from the ACES 101 video, this ACES 201 video is an in depth review of each of the components used to construct a valid ACES application.

ACES Rules, Pitfalls & Best Practices

Learn tips to avoid data errors and industry best practices for creating vehicle mappings.


Learn details about what qualifiers are and how to use qualifiers when mapping your vehicle application data.

PIES 101

An introduction to the PIES Automotive Aftermarket Industry Standard. Learn what PIES is and how it is structured into segments for electronically transmitting information about part numbers.

PIES 201

Building on the introduction material from the PIES 101 video, this PIES 201 video is an in depth review on looping segments, and how it presents in an XML file, how to read the 6.7 spec packet and how our Industry Standards evolve and get updated.


Learn details about what attributes are in the PIES standard, why they are important to your products, and the two types of attributes allowed in the standard.

Challenges Mapping Beyond YMM

Gain an understanding of some of the current challenges and solutions associated with mapping parts that have options and details that go beyond what the VCDB tables support today.

Challenges Mapping Not YMM Driven Applications

Gain an understanding of some of the current challenges and solutions associated with mapping parts that do not require a Year Make Model to fit a vehicle.

Challenges Mapping Universal Fit Applications

Gain an understanding of some of the current challenges and solutions associated with mapping parts that are considered universal fit and how there are three different types of universal fit items.

PIMS V2.0 Tour

Quick sampling of some of the new user-interface features and navigation in the SEMA Data Co-op’s PIMS system.


Hear the importance of maintaining a robust data set from a Platinum Supplier. Brian Murphy, the CEO of BBK Performance, talks about his company’s participation in the SEMA Data Co-op.

COMP Performance Group

Hear from Chris Douglas, COO and Kevin Martin, Product Data Manager, how the COMP Performance Group uses the SDC to communicate with their customers, and their transition from paper to electronic cataloging.

Data Platforms for Small Business | SEMA Biz Tip #33

Jim Graven, Senior Director of Membership, SEMA Data Co-op, provides confirmation that any business, large or small, owes it to their dealers, distributors, and resellers to provide great data.

How Much is a Picture Worth? | SEMA Biz Tip #26

Craig Schmutzler, VP of Operations, SEMA Data Co-op, gives his perspective on why images and videos are so necessary in today’s electronic commerce enabled world.

Shawn Gibson Talks About How Data Drives E-commerce

Vice President of Gibson Performance, Shawn Gibson talks with SEMA News about his experience using SEMA Data Co-op to help manage product data for over 4,000 SKUs.

Liquid Glow Talks About Using SEMA Data Co-op To Find Customers

Richard Kratz President and CEO of Liquid Glow talks with SEMA News about using the tools in SEMA Data Co-op to help secure new business.