Paxton Superchargers - Coming Soon!

Paxton Automotive manufactures centrifugal supercharger head units as well as several complete supercharging systems. Each complete supercharging system is designed to fit a specific vehicle and engine application. We currently produce a wide variety of systems for several popular domestic vehicles for model years 1986 to 2007. Additionally, Paxton Automotive works with several supercharger specialists that use Paxton Superchargers for niche market applications. We manufacture 5 different centrifugal superchargers. The NOVI family is Paxton Automotive's high performance line of gear driven superchargers. The NOVI line includes the NOVI-1000, the NOVI-1000RR, the NOVI-1200, the NOVI-2000, and the NOVI-2000RR. The NOVI superchargers represent the highest level of quality and performance available in any centrifugal supercharger. The drive element consists of a helical-cut gear (40% wider than the competition) and shaft combination cut from a billet piece of steel. This results in quiet operation and unsurpassed durability. With a wide variety to choose from, a NOVI supercharger fits your needs from a 200 horsepower 4-cylinder engine to a 1,000 horsepower V-8.

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