Crane Cams

The story of Crane Cams began in 1953 when Harvey J. Crane, Jr. set about grinding his first camshaft in the corner of his father's machine shop in Hallandale, Florida. Today, Crane Cams has a significant amount of R&D and manufacturing resources to rely on, including an immense number of state-of-the-art CNC machining centers, dyno cells, Spintrons and a fully government-certified emissions lab. The company has the ability to produce fully digitized camshafts using Landis CNC equipment, as well as grinding cams via traditional methods using production masters. Quality control is assured through state-of-the-art Zeiss optical and Adcole equipment.

With the industry's largest camshaft database, which exceeds 80,000 profiles, an impressive manufacturing capability, and an experienced tech staff (most of whom have 15+ years service with Crane Cams), the company stands ready to provide customers with industry-leading quality products and superior service. From Daytona to Indy and to your local drive-in, Crane Cams has you covered.

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