Where Did My FTP Data Files Go?

Setting up or verifying your FTP settings is simple and can automate getting the product data you want. 

There is a lot of convenience in setting your SDC exports to transfer manufacturer data to your system through FTP. Incorrect credentials, however, will lead to important data left on the table. In an eCommerce-robust time such as now, who can afford to miss updated product information and applications?

FTP can be set up in one of two ways. Follow below to access your FTP settings to set it up or verify what was entered.

At the Default level (for all your data exports from SDC):

  1. In the Exports screen, click into "My FTP Settings" and update the fields with your company’s FTP credentials. Save these settings for future exports by clicking the bottom left button "Update Default Settings."
  2. Next, to apply this update to all your existing exports, click the "Update All FTP Exports to Default Settings" button. After this, any of your exports that are set to the FTP/SFTP delivery method is set to your new FTP credentials.

At a single export level:

  1. If you have a specific file that failed to transfer, you can review and correct its FTP settings. Go to the failed export and click on "Edit."
  2. Carefully review your FTP settings in the settings popup window. Common errors are wrong folder name, username, and password.
  3. Save your edits.
  4. To set a new FTP for a particular export, select FTP/SFTP as your Delivery Method when you are creating a new export.
  5. Your default FTP settings will pre-fill in for your convenience but you are able to modify them if you want.

Click on the video on the right to see a screen walkthrough (be sure to maximize the video).

FTP is very picky and must be exact! A mistyped password or username or capitalization in folder name can throw the whole transfer off. Confirm with your IT department to verify you are directing us to the right file drop-off location.

We do reach out to you by email when an FTP transfer fail occurs. If not corrected, repeated failures will cause it to be removed from the export schedule. You will be able to see the export file name in your Exports screen for you to fix the settings and reschedule.

As a matter of good practice, revisit your FTP settings periodically so you don’t miss out on any important data!

As always, we're here to help if you have questions. Contact us at info@semadatacoop.org.


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(Click on image for video walkthrough.)