Fabtech uses the SDC to distribute detailed data accurately

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SEMA Data Co-op has been a great new tool for us to get our detailed data to all of our customers accurately and efficiently.  It is very user friendly and allows our customer to easily get all our information uploaded into their websites; to allow additional sales opportunities for each of us”

Fabtech has been in business since 1989, manufacturing 2 wheel drive and 4 wheel drive truck suspensions and accessories. We have just reached a milestone of being in business for 25 years now.  Back in the day the only real way to get our customers the information they needed was through fax or e-mail and of course mailing or handing out actual print catalogs and pricing sheets.  Information was getting relayed in a timely manor but it was always up to our customers to input and load the information correctly.

Recently, we have been introduced to SDC.  With the tools and data they can efficiently offer to Jobbers, it is making it easier for everyone to market and sell our products accurately to the general public.  We offer vehicle specific suspension components with various options to make sure we offer the best fit and finish on the vehicles we make product for.  We never wanted to be a company that just offered a product that just fits “ok” on multiple vehicle variations.  We wanted to be as vehicle model specific as possible, and with that comes a lot of part numbers and foot notes.  SDC really excels at this, making it easy for the retail shops to accurately load their computers and sell our products without a hitch.

Having the opportunity to visit our customers on a weekly basis, getting their input and feedback on their day to day sales, it’s becoming clear that websites are taking the place of print catalogs & the internet generates a large amount of the revenue for the stores.  And with the larger “internet only” companies taking advantage of our higher end product line, we need to be able to deliver our detailed data to them quickly, accurately & efficiently.  We have a number of choices, foot notes and application guidelines with our suspension products that need to be relayed to the end users (retail customers).  SDC gives them a great tool to use to get all the information they need.

SEMA Data Co-Op is quickly becoming the must have in this modern age when it comes to supplying retailers critical detailed information in regards to the products we manufacture and sell.

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