Heatshield Uses the SDC to Connect with Customers

Heatshield Products

Heatshield Products is the leading designer, producer, and supplier of thermal barrier materials in the automotive aftermarket. Since 1985, Heatshield Products cutting-edge products include thermal protection for a variety of industries: automotive, motorcycle, marine, Department of Defense, industrial manufacturing, industrial welding and many more. We also pride ourselves in helping customers figure out which thermal barrier materials best suit their application, along with ensuring correct installation for maximum effectiveness. We provide a lot of data on our website, and the next natural step was to get this data into the hands of our dealers.

That task proved to be difficult until we decided to be a beta tester for the SEMA Data Co-Op (SDC). We were an early adopter of the concept and jumped right in, and found it to be a fantastic tool in getting all the information about Heatshield Products thermal barrier materials into the hands of our dealers. Thanks to the SDC program, Heatshield Products can also take advantage of application data to help develop our application specific thermal barrier kits by making sure we include enough materials for proper fit and coverage. At the same time, the SDC also gives us extra insight bringing new products to market. When we launch a new thermal barrier product we know how complete we need to make our data so that our dealers and distributors can start selling these products right away.

Another valuable benefit the SEMA Data Co-Op has given us is connecting Heatshield Products with companies looking for thermal barrier solutions. They can easily see the types of thermal barrier materials we produce along with their complete specs, opening the door to solutions they might not have known about, or been unsure of in regards to product effectiveness. Now they can see the thermal specs of our materials, along with data on how they’re installed, to better understand if Heatshield Products can supply the necessary solution to their heat control issues.

Ultimately data is what sells products in this digital age, and detailed data helps sell even more. The SEMA Data Co-Op has proven to be an invaluable tool to Heatshield Products, and we look forward to continuing are participation in this highly useful and beneficial program for years to come…

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