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PerTronix Performance Products forged its success with the well-known Ignitor ignition module. The Ignitor replaces breaker point and troublesome factory electronic ignitions with a dependable, self-contained and maintenance free electronic ignition system. The Ignitor has evolved over the years with both the Ignitor II and Ignitor III offering even more features and benefits. PerTronix has enjoyed substantial growth in our ignition segment over the past 40 years with the addition of the Flame-Thrower distributors, ignition coils and spark plug wire product lines.

In addition to ignition PerTronix performance products also manufactures three popular exhaust brands in our 65,000 square foot exhaust manufacturing plant. These brands include Doug’s Headers, JBA Performance Exhaust and Patriot Exhaust Products

In August of 2000, PerTronix completed the acquisition of Ermie Immerso Enterprises, a 30 year old exhaust products manufacturer and SEMA member since 1974. PerTronix’s newly formed exhaust division was launched under the brand names Patriot Exhaust, Thunderbird Products and Smithy mufflers, Patriot Exhaust Products supplies the Street Rod, Volkswagen and Muscle Car markets with headers, mufflers, side pipes and do-it-yourself header components.

In January 2005, Doug’s Headers became a PerTronix Performance Brand and a welcome addition to our exhaust division helping expand our product line to include many new header applications for muscle cars.  The original Doug’s Headers was located in Whittier, California and began producing quality headers in 1958.  Doug’s personal motto was “the customer should only have to install the headers, not remanufacture them to fit their vehicle,” and we stand by that motto today.

 In December of 2008 JBA Performance Exhaust became part of our growing family of exhaust brands. JBA has been a cutting edge exhaust development and manufacturing company for over 22 years, leading the industry in header and exhaust product designs for late model emissions controlled vehicles. Famous for the Cat4ward headers with the JBA Firecone merged collectors have set the standard for late model exhaust performance improvements by greatly improving the engine's volumetric efficiency.


This broad offering of ignition and exhaust products amounts to thousands of SKU’s, all of which include comprehensive data elements required to support PerTronix’s many distribution channels. More often than not these channels require different formats, which meant maintaining multiple configurations. Developing and managing these data feeds and digital assets required pulling from several resources both internally and externally. This process was both time and labor intensive.

In 2007 PerTronix was invited to participate in the SEMA Data Co-Op pilot program and from that day forward data development, maintenance and distribution was no longer a moving target. True to concept SEMA Data Co-Op developed a system based on the ACES and PIES standards and offered it at a value to a growing and more demanding performance aftermarket.

PerTronix Performance Products believes in the importance of a central repository for the data needed to support our business partners and resellers in the automotive aftermarket. SEMA Data Co-Op provides this in a secure reliable package and continues to add new features and benefits every year. 

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