Pure Power uses the SEMA Data Co-op to grow their customer base

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Pure Power! Incorporated was honored to be among the first SEMA companies to be included in a new data experience.  From that meek beginning SEMA Data Co-op (SDC) has developed into an invaluable ACES AND PIES data tool not only for our company but for the entire industry. 

Fran Cyrus, President of Pure Power! said "the SDC Help Desk have been a real pleasure to work with. We found them to be very knowledgeable, friendly and responsive. With hundreds of SKUs and thousands of applications it is easy to get corrupted data without realizing the errors.  That is where the SDC Help Desk really excels.  They are experts in checking, formatting and delivering clean data so that I can be confident that my customers receive the very best updated information."

Cyrus continued "More and more companies that require ACES and PIES formatted data are contacting SDC and when they do each new company also has the opportunity to express and interest in registered SDC member’s products. This interest is then promptly emailed to the member company for follow-up.  Now how convenient is that?  New business interest comes right to my company.  This feature has helped grow our customer base tremendously and effortlessly.  As SDC grows, Pure Power! Incorporated grows."  

Pure Power! Incorporated is the Originator and Manufacturer of CNC machined 6061 T6 Billet Aluminum Filters with Stainless Steel Filtration media. We fit more than 30,000 O.E.M. direct spin-on and drop-in replacement oil filters and hundreds of fuel, transmission and other filters, everything from Harleys to Diesel Trucks.

Just clean them and reuse them.  Never throw them away.  They may even fit your next engine.

Increased horsepower, cooler operating temperatures, extended oil drain, better debris removal (<1mic) and improved fuel mileage.

Proudly Made in America and covered under 3 U.S. Utility Patents for Spin-on, Drop-in and Remote Filters.  Pure Power! Incorporated is a certified ISO 9001:2008 Company and multiple SEMA Award Winner. OEM supplier to Navistar (International Harvester).

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