S&B Filters teams up with the SDC to offer fast and reliable Data Deliveries

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S&B Filters teams up with the SDC to offer fast and reliable Data.

 S&B Filters Incorporated is a manufacturer of performance air filters and intake kits. S&B makes parts for trucks, SUVs, cars, motorcycles, UTVs and various other applications. In order to get product into consumers hands as quickly as possible, S&B has four distribution centers throughout the United States and Canada (California, Texas, Kentucky, and Vancouver). 

Over 30 years ago, S&B started with a simple mission: “Become a manufacturer of the most technically advanced high-performance filter on the market.”

In December of 2013, S&B Filters began using silicone instead of urethane rubber with new intake kits in order to eliminate the potential for cracking on filters and couplers. Urethane has been the rubber of choice by most of S&B's competitors for years, but does not age well when exposed to heat. Silicone rubber offers significantly superior physical properties and can endure temperatures as high as 400°F without drying or cracking.

S&B offers many SKUs, each requiring detailed application and fitment data. We rely on the SDC to provide an easy way for our customers to access our data in the many formats they require. The SDC team verifies, formats and delivers clean data each and every time, and because of this we are confident that our customers receive the very best, error free data sets S&B has to offer. The SEMA Data Co-op process was flawless right from the beginning and continues to be a valuable part to our business. 

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