SDC Delivers For Go Rhino! Products and Big Country Truck Accessories

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SEMA Data Coop Delivers For Go Rhino! Products and Big Country Truck Accessories

It’s no secret that delivering clean and reliable data to customers has been an ongoing issue for our industry for some time. This has all changed for the better with the introduction of the SEMA Data Coop (SDC).

Without clean, accurate and easily accessible data, customers have a difficult time finding the right parts and potential sales are either too frustrating, ordered wrong or simply lost. Go Rhino and Big Country offers 7,000 SKU’s in a vast array of product categories and on average releases 2,500 new SKU’s per year. Organizing this much new data in a digestible format can be difficult and challenging.

Go Rhino! Products and Big Country Truck Accessories have chosen the SEMA Data Coop as their partner for distributing their data. Their involvement with the SDC goes backs to its inception and they are now fully integrated into the system. With the assistance of the SDC Help Desk, integration of their data to the SDC has been flawless.

Many customers are now making the SDC their first choice for Go Rhino! and Big Country data. As a SEMA member, there is no charge to download or access Go Rhino! or Big Country data from the SDC.  This plays a large role in their customers relying on the SDC. Downloading the data only take a few clicks of the mouse.

With vision and foresight, SEMA adopted ACES and PIES as the standard format for data, enabling suppliers a common basis to collect and provide product data plus additional information like images, installing instructions, warranty information and even videos.  This format allows suppliers and their partners to launch new products faster, update applications more accurately and have a rich platform that benefits the entire industry  – and that’s why premier suppliers like Go Rhino! and Big Country support the SEMA Data Coop.

With 650 members and growing, SEMA Data Coop is establishing its mark on the industry one company at a time. Members such as Go Rhino! Product and Big Country Truck Accessories are realizing the time saving benefits that SDC has to offer, ultimately leading to increased efficiency and cost savings. It is beneficial to manufacturers and sellers alike. It offers excellent Help Desk support. It is data communication made easy. What more could you ask for? 

Much of the success of the new Go Rhino OE Xtreme program can be credited to the SDC

8 bars and 7 different brackets fit 92% of all you applications

Affordable program gives you the advantage of always having product in stock

Free POP available to qualified dealers

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