SDC helps Aeromotive improve communications with their customers

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Since 1994, Aeromotive, Inc. has made high-quality aftermarket fuel systems. We serve customers throughout the world, and it’s great to know there’s a streamlined way to get our information out to the end consumer. With products such as their new E85 340 pumps frequently being released, it is imperative that their customers receive information pertaining to these innovative products in a timely manner. This allows the Receiver to rapidly update system files, review inventory costs and begin generally informing the final retail customer of the new items coming their way. To help accomplish this, Aeromotive has turned to the SEMA Data Coop (SDC).

The SEMA Data Coop improves communication between Suppliers and Receivers to levels never before seen. Utilizing SDC since it was first introduced, Aeromotive is now at the Platinum level and the results are remarkable. With some assistance from the extremely helpful SDC Data Lab staff, Aeromotive’s entire product line, including the new E85 340 pumps, can be viewed at a moments notice. Everything from product descriptions, weights, dimensions to pricing and hi-res photos of existing and brand new products are just clicks away. Additionally, the ability to approve or reject all pending requests for their information, helps to keep information in the hands of trusted Receivers only.

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