SDC Provides Gibson Dealers All the Right Tools

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It was because of their motorhome that Ron and Julie Gibson Started Gibson Performance Exhaust. Like many others they needed POWER and TORQUE…and a lot more of it! But when they looked for the right exhaust systems for their needs, it was more like spinning a roulette wheel and hoping. After much study, they hired the best engineers and technicians and began producing prototype models. 

They set their goals high: a cost-effective system that delivers more performance for the dollar than any other system. One that not only increased horsepower and fuel economy, it expanded the power bands, the engine ran cooler, engine life was not compromised, and the entire system (including installation) was hassle-free.  Today Gibson exhaust manufactures a complete line of cat back exhaust, headers, universal mufflers and tips for Car, Truck, SUV, UTV and Marine applications.

Being able to produce a quality product is useless if we are ineffective in how we deliver our content to our dealers so they can sell the product.  Gibson Performance exhaust has been utilizing SDC since 2012 in order to fulfill this process ensuring that our dealers have access to all of our data in the format that is compatible with the sales platforms they are using.  By utilizing the latest and greatest data delivery methods along with cutting edge MAP monitoring Technology we are ensuring that our dealers have all of the right tools to turn a profit selling Gibson Performance exhaust.

Many people think of SEMA as just a show and few know the true power of the benefits that come along with being a member. SDC is one of these golden benefits that we utilize to stay as far ahead of the curve as possible. 

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