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Established in 2012, Big Mike’s Performance Parts manufactures the STO N SHO Quick Release Front License Plate bracket. Big Mike’s Performance Parts, is owned and operated by Mike McKinney, a Retired Disabled Veteran of the United States Air Force.

Mike developed the STO N SHO quick release front license plate bracket after his son purchased a 2012 Roush. Mike’s son was hesitant to have a front license plate installed on his Roush because he did not want unsightly holes drilled into the front of the bumper, yet he needed a way to comply with the law. With 31 states currently requiring front license plates, Mike realized that today’s muscle car owners needed a product that allowed them to comply with state law without ruining the look of their car; and with this, the idea of the STO N SHO was born. 

The idea of the STO N SHO quickly escalated when Mike noticed how many cars without front license plates were on the streets and highways and how easily adaptable the bracket was to the many high performance and luxury cars on today's market. Mike has always had a dream of opening a family owned business and Big Mike's Performance Parts is the start of that dream.

Big Mike’s Performance Parts was one of the first Suppliers to achieve the Platinum status with SDC, meaning Big Mike’s Performance Parts has reached the pinnacle of data quality and completeness to meet even the most rigorous Receiver’s requirements.

Spanning modern muscle, sports, luxury and off road vehicle markets, we currently offer nearly 100 different STO N SHO models. Our product line is continually expanding, and by partnering with the SEMA Data Co-Op (SDC), we are able to deliver our product descriptions and data including specifications, pictures and videos to wholesale distributors and retailers in the automotive aftermarket efficiently and accurately. 

We look forward to continuing our partnership with SDC and to providing accurate, updated and complete product data information to the automotive aftermarket via the SDC's secured and structured platform. 

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