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At the heart of a successful business relationship there is always one specific element that can be identified - communication. Without communication, business relationships become stressed, much less efficient, and in some cases completely cease to exist. Alternatively with high levels communication, daily business routines become streamlined, efficiency is amplified and productivity peaks.

Aeromotive Inc. has chosen to communicate. As the premier manufacturer of fuel systems for high performance automotive applications, Aeromotive is continuously evolving to meet the latest aftermarket demands. With products such as their new Phantom Fuel System frequently being released, it is imperative that their customers receive information pertaining to these innovative products in a timely manner. This allows the receiver to rapidly update system files, review inventory costs and begin generally informing the final retail customer of the new items coming their way. To help accomplish this, Aeromotive has turned to the SEMA Data Coop (SDC).

SEMA Data Coop improves communication between suppliers and receivers to levels never before seen. Think social networking for aftermarket parts data. Utilizing SDC since it was first introduced, Aeromotive is now fully integrated into the system and the results are remarkable. With some assistance from the extremely helpful SDC Help Desk staff, Aeromotive’s entire product line including the new Phantom Fuel System can be viewed at a moments notice. Everything from product descriptions, weights, dimensions to pricing and hi-res photos of existing and brand new products are just clicks away. Additionally, the ability to approve or reject all pending requests for their information, helps to keep information in the hands of trusted receivers only.

With 600 members and growing, SEMA Data Coop is establishing its mark on the industry one company at a time. Members such as Aeromotive are realizing the time saving benefits that SDC has to offer, ultimately leading to increased efficiency and cost savings. It is beneficial to manufacturers and sellers alike. It offers excellent help desk support. It is data communication made easy. What more could you ask for? Consider Aeromotive sold on the SEMA Data Coop.

Phantom Universal In-Tank Fuel System
OEM Form Fit and Function in a “Do It Yourself” Package

  • Phantom 340
  • 340 Stealth Fuel Pump
  • Supports up to:
  • 700 HP EFI forced air induction, 825 HP EFI naturally aspirated
  • 900 HP Carbureted forced air induction, 1000 HP Carbureted naturally aspirated
  • Phantom 200
  • 200 lph Stealth Fuel Pump
  • Supports up to:
  • 425 HP EFI forced air induction, 550 HP EFI naturally aspirated
  • 550 HP Carbureted forced air induction, 750 HP Carbureted naturally aspirated
Nid: 80