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When ACT was first approached to use the SDC we were thrilled to hear of a concept where everyone in the industry could get clean accurate data from the same source! One of our primary concerns as a manufacturer is Receivers either not getting our data at all or getting inaccurate data that’s been acquired from multiple sources other than ACT. We have seen it first hand when searching our product online, old photos, old part attributes and even incorrect vehicle fitment listings.  ACT invests so heavily into our R&D process for our parts, providing that information accurately to our end users and sellers is a top priority. This is what the SDC is out to address by providing a consistent platform and free access for all data Receivers.

When first joining the program, the initial load process was very easy since they have adopted the ACES/PIES standard and ACT uses these standards to manage all our part information internally. We were loaded and ready to go in the system within weeks when we were expecting months before getting access. One of the most powerful features is being able to update the data ourselves without any external involvement. Simply upload the latest ACES/PIES files and the system does the rest. No emails to send, no waiting period before the latest updates get published. You are in complete control of your data and how it’s presented to the Receivers.

ACT believes in time SDC will become the standard for the industry, and welcome with open arms.

From a Sales point of view data is king.  We already have another data service that we utilize however the SDC allows us to have greater flexibility with our customers. Data is what sells product today in the market place.  Investing in an additional data service has increased our sales and as SDC progresses and builds their program it continues to help us give our customer base exactly what they need. 

ACT is a premier clutch manufacturer that has more than 700 different applications and more than 1,300 per­formance clutch kits. The company’s product line features clutches and forged flywheels for the most popular vehicles in the sport compact, domestic, and European car markets.

ACT is headquartered in Lancaster, California.  

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