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In 1991, Agri-Cover, Inc. invented the ACCESS® Original Roll-Up Cover, the first roll-up truck bed cover of its kind. Other roll-up covers have entered the market since then, but none have been tested, trusted, and guaranteed longer than the ACCESS® Original Roll-Up Cover. Our focus on precision fitting, top quality materials, and lasting performance is the reason for our very low warranty claim rate and exceptionally high repeat customer rate.

ACCESS® Roll-Up Covers have been tested across North America in both extreme cold and hot climates and trusted by truck owners for almost 25 years.  They are guaranteed to be free of defects in material and workmanship for as long as you own your truck.

With our massive amount of detailed information, it was a perfect choice for us to join SEMA Data Co-op.  ACI became a member of SEMA Data Co-op in 2013 and we have found the partnership to be very beneficial to our growing company.  The SEMA Data Co-op team’s exceptional attention to detail has helped bring our files current with industry data standards.  This new method helps us to keep our internal data more organized.

The data “Request” system also works very well.  We receive an email letting us know the details of who wants to receive our data. We can then choose to approve the request or not. We value these updates and the ability to choose who receives our data.

It is definitely worth the time and effort to work with SEMA Data Co-op to keep your data complete and readily available to customers, thereby helping to drive sales.

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