Bilstein Gains Competitive Advantage using SDC

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BILSTEIN developed the first mono-tube gas pressure shock for a standard production Mercedes-Benz in 1957 and has been a leading manufacturer of shocks, struts and suspension components for more than 60 years.  From OE Replacement shocks and struts, to kits for high performance cars and trucks, to highly competitive motorsports products, BILSTEIN delivers improved ride quality, comfort, and handling on the road, track, and trail.

BILSTEIN is an Original Equipment supplier to many of the greatest automotive brands in the world. Iconic brands including Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Porsche, Tesla, General Motors, Toyota and more rely on BILSTEIN to provide the best ride possible. The same engineering, testing and quality resources required of an OE supply are the same ones used in the manufacturing of BILSTEIN aftermarket product.

BILSTEIN is on the cutting edge of suspension design. Products like our air suspensions systems and electronic dampers are proof that BILSTEIN is the technology leader in suspension components. Numerous motorsport championships support this claim.

BILSTEIN has been recognized for product data management excellence in reaching SEMA Data Co-op’s Platinum level of membership in compliance with the accepted industry data standards and in compliance set forth by the SDC.  In today’s competitive market, good data is a competitive advantage, and BILSTEIN is your reliable partner. 

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