BOOSTane experienced sales globally with SDC

Boostane Octane Engineering

BOOSTane designs, develops, and manufacturers industry leading performance fuel additives and solutions.  Developed from a senior exit thesis at Georgia Tech in 2009, BOOSTane burst onto the automotive aftermarket in 2014.  Taking home SEMA’s coveted Launchpad Product of the Year, for the innovation and development in fuel enhancement and octane technology. 

Since the big win and a strategic partnership with the SDC, BOOSTane has been able to leverage the available tools to grow and develop BOOSTane from a small company in SW Florida, serving only the marine industry, to a global entity, with distributors in over 29 different countries and customers in over 50. 

As the person that took it upon myself to spearhead the SDC program for BOOSTane, I was initially skeptical that the work that I was doing to become a member would really payoff in the long run.  How could just providing “data”, especially on our very small/specialty line of SKUs, translate into increased sales?  However, that's exactly what it did.  By lowering the barrier to entry for our potential distributors to learn and integrate our product into their offering, we were simplifying the decision making process. 

This, however, was what Jim explained to us in the beginning, so we couldn't be surprised.  Yet, I am here as an advocate, not for what SDC said and did for BOOSTane, but rather what it did for my company above and beyond the advertised.  By becoming a part of the SDC institution, the immediate exposure could be measured on a marketing level.  People were finding BOOSTane via SDC, thus creating unique traffic to our site, eventually leading to sales. 

In closing, SDC is an invaluable tool that can be used in all facets of sales, and if leveraged properly, be a marketing tool as well.  It’s one of the very few no brainers in business.

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