T-Rex knows Data Quality Equals Success for their Dealers

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T-REX Truck Products Inc. is proud to celebrate our 20 year anniversary and our participation with the SEMA Data Coop. We realized long ago that our data quality is important to the success of our dealers. With the affordability of the SDC, all our dealers form the largest to the smallest can now utilize our complete data set to ensure they capture every sale and provide a superior customer experience. Our line consists of over 2,500 sku's and the logistics of getting data into our customer's hands has never been easier. Once we began to really focus our data efforts, with the help of SDC, we were able to move our data to the highest level and have realized the benefits almost immediately. We now use our data as a selling tool to potential customers and have found this to be an important component our sales team uses when introducing the line.

T-Rex Grilles’ state of the art 55,000 sq. ft. Southern California facility supports over 100 American jobs – production, design, research and development, marketing and corporate staff; and each and every one is dedicated to a singular purpose: Producing the finest automotive grilles & accessories available on the market today. This dedication of American craftsmanship shows in every product that leaves our plant.

We are proud of our extensive range of grille styles! T-Rex Grilles’ line-up includes our traditional Billet Series grilles, aggressive X-Metal Series mesh grilles, performance minded and red hot Torch LED Series grilles, luxurious Upper Class Mesh grilles, motorsports inspired Sport Series mesh grilles, and our expanding line of Laser Billet Series grilles. T-REX manufacturers a grille design for every consumer’s style and taste. And T-Rex Grilles boasts the most comprehensive application list available anywhere, with most styles and fitments in stock and ready to ship every day.

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