SDC delivers data effectively & efficiently for Liquid Glow

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Liquid Glow manufacturers and markets what we call “performance” car care products. That’s because our products are made to outperform the competition for the consumer, retailer and distributor. All chemicals and packaging are proudly made in the USA and by keeping our product line under ten SKUs we reduce consumer confusion and make our line easy for resellers to stock.

Liquid Glow’s premier product is the Quick Paint Cleaning System. Anything a clay bar can do our system does it faster, easier, better and lasts 10-20 times longer. With a small product line, we had to ensure that each of our products produce results that cannot be surpassed by any other product in their category.

In this spirit of performance, we had to make sure our data was as good as our product. We partnered with the SEMA Data Co-Op (SDC) to help us make it easier for resellers to carry our product. We set a goal of nothing less than Platinum status PIES data for all of our products and the SDC worked with us and helped us achieve our goal. Resellers can now receive our short and long product descriptions, specifications, hazardous material sheets, photos and videos with “Platinum” accuracy and efficiency.

We attended the Performance Warehouse Association conference for the first time in September 2016, and of course we had a goal in mind which would measure our success by the end of the show. With every reseller we meet, we spoke of the quality of our products and packaging, our high margins and excellent terms, and our features and benefits. Inevitably, every interested reseller asked, “What about your data?”

“When we told resellers at the PWA conference that all of our data was PIES format with the SDC with Platinum status, there was no more need to discuss our data,” said VP of Operations, Richard Kratz. “That’s because they all knew that we could meet their highest requirements as a Receiver. We greatly exceeded our expectations at the conference and without a doubt our Platinum status with SDC was a strong contributor to our success.”

Partnered with the SDC, Liquid Glow looks forward to strong sales growth in 2017 as we continue to help car, truck and motorcycle enthusiasts keep their vehicles looking their absolute best.

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