Universal Car Remote

The name says it all€”the Universal Car Remote works like a universal TV remote, but it's made for cars. It's designed to work with factory-installed keyless entry systems. It works exactly like a vehicle's original factory remote, unlocking and locking doors, popping open the trunk€”everything an original remote does.

The Universal Car Remote has the capabilities of 215 remotes packed into a single device. It replaces factory original remotes for vehicles made by 21 car manufacturers€”from Buick to Volkswagen. For the first time ever, consumers can replace remotes using a single device. Likewise, for the first time in history, retailers of all types can satisfy their customers' need for remotes by stocking a single item.

Our engineers have spent years developing this. One of the reasons it took so long€”we had an obsession about making it a retail-friendly "bulletproof" product, easy to sell at major retailers to people who care little about cars, and know nothing about tools.

We had three goals when we started work on it. We achieved all three.

Make it universal €” it covers 215 remotes, covering 70 million vehicles on the road today

Make it easy to use €” it has simple, €œno tools€ setup

Make it affordable €” it costs consumers half what they'd pay at a dealership for a traditional replacement

For decades, car dealerships had a monopoly on replacing remotes€”forcing consumers to the dealerships. The Universal Car Remote changes all that, allowing consumers to pick up an inexpensive replacement at a local store and €œdo it themselves€€”avoiding the time, expense, and hassle of a dealership appointment.

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